Last Saturday, I went early and got us tickets for Iron Man 2’s 8:10 pm screening at Powerplant mall. When we arrived, a woman was sitted on one of our seats. It turned out that the lady was there with her husband and three kids and they sold them our seats plus some already occupied ones. An attendant approached us and was told about a double booking shit and proceeded to ask if she could just put out additional seats at the back. WTF!!? HELL NO! Those tickets were 220 each and I was not about to watch the movie in a freakin’ ugly chair! And no, I am not aggreable to a refund!! Just when I was starting to get heated up, the lights went out and the movie started playing. That got me angrier! Why the hell am I having this conversation when I was supposed to relax and enjoy the movie I’ve been dying to watch ever since the release of its trailer last year?!

Boyfriend and I went outside with the attendant as she called an inadequate admin who didn't look like he knew what he was doing. He asked if we could just watch the movie on the next time slot and led us to the ticketing booth to look at the seating arrangement. As expected, there was barely available seats and the only available ones where we could sit together were at the very front. I was not about to do more damage to my already poor eyesight and jeopardize my boyfriend's! At this point, I was madly irritated, but knew that we had no choice but watch the movie tomorrow. But because I was royally pissed off, I wanted to talk to someone with proper authority and had the manager called on cell. I told him that I was upset with what happened, the inconvenience it has caused and how his people handled the situation by telling me that it was the system’s fault. You don't tell that! I’m a customer! I don’t give a rat’s ass about your internal issues! All I know is this was entirely your fault and you should have owned it and not pointed fingers at something intangible! Plus, it was insanely retarded that the attendant had the guts to ask if she could add seats at the back like we were castaways!!! Gaaah!

In the end, a nice lady from admin booked our tickets for the next day plus she had us watch a free movie for the night. The only other movie showing was The Losers, and it was surprisingly hilarious and that saved our night :)

(I'm not usually this bitchy, but that was Iron Man!!)

Update: We watched Iron Man 2 again, this time at Greenbelt. It was boyfriend’s peace offering because he made me mad plus we weren't able to catch the after credits teaser for Thor. Oh boy what a treat! I could watch this movie over and over again! :)

I'm a Modess Angel

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Because being a girl is not only about make-overs and pretty shoes.

Get your own Modess Angels Badge

I was feeling shitty today.

Had a terrible nightmare, the bathroom’s light is still busted, my body’s aching from all the crunches I did last night and I probably won’t get to see boyfriend today. So I put on my old jeans and shirt, combed my hair a few times and braced myself for another stressful challenging day.

Then Ate Nenet, our cheery janitress, said “Ganda mo ngayon ah”.
I know how I looked like (and it was not pretty) so wow, I totally didn’t expect to hear that one today! I know it's shallow, but my cloud of doom went away. Just like that
Ever experienced that? Someone gave you a compliment when you least you expected it?

Sometimes I do get that from boyfriend. I’d stare in the mirror and crazy twist my head to see which angle he’s talking about and still could not understand what he’s talking about. But he doesn’t count because I know for a fact that he’s in love with me haha!

We should start giving out compliments more often! Yes?

Looking for furnitures

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Had nothing better to do so boyfriend and I looked around the mall to find anything. I've been meaning to get a new lampshade and sofa/chair but never gotten into it, so I dragged him to Blims.

Too bad most of the pieces were boring and ugly except for these:

Desk lamp from Blims Furniture

  P 2,899.75
  Cute but too playful

Lamp stand from Blims
Loved this but it's too brown
P 2,430

The lovely two seater is on sale so its now P 17,332
Original price: P 26,664

I'd like to have all three on my wall please

Found the cutest mugs at Blade and Clipper store
Only P150!

Then saw the most perfect slippers in the world at Tickles

And I'm going to stick this on boyfriend's car while he's not looking!! *teehee*

Location: Greenbelt 1

Nokia X6 can stand moodiness

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Because there’s pink here and there, Prinsesa likes this

This is the Nokia X6, a touch screen smartphone built for music lovers with up to 35 hours of nonstop music playback. This version has an internal memory of 16GB and 128MB of RAM with no external memory support. There’s a 32GB version of this but as of now, according to’s research, those are still only available in countries supporting Nokia’s “Comes with Music” program. It is also wifi enabled with a 5MP Carl Zeis camera plus dual LED flash.

The only new feature I noticed in X6 is the Playlist DJ, an application that profiles your music then puts them in a playlist according to the mood you set. For example, you’re still high from a kilig moment and want to listen to a happy song, you just push the heart and the smiley icon as high as you want. But to “profile” your songs, you’ll need to connect to the internet first. So if you have retarded number of music in your Nokia X6, better go to wifi hotspot than rack up your postpaid bill.

Nokia X6 Playlist DJ

Official price is Php 22,000 for the Nokia X6 16GB but you can get it at a much lower price in these stores

[Playlist DJ demo video here]

Sample photos from its 5MP Carl Zeis camera: taken without flash

Night time

Dolce! Ate Alex's puppy

Samsung launched last week two new netbooks: the N150 and N220. These two are lightweight and scratch-resistant netbooks with anti-reflective displays. Meaning it shouldn't be hard to read from the screens even under direct sunlight.

N220 and N150 were also preloaded with the Samsung Recovery solution that allow users to format, back-up and recover data without using CDs. Just perfect for hardware dummies like me! Both were also integrated with Digital LiveCam for video-conferencing plus wacky graphic ad-ons just in case you feel like goofing around.

I failed to get good enough photos of the netbooks so let's just use these:

This is the more high-end of the two.
The N220 features Samsung’s new crystal pattern design and can deliver up to 12 hours (and here I am thinking how awesome my laptop is with its 8 hour battery life) The netbook also has the “instant on” capability of the Phoenix HyperSpace™ tool, which allows the N220 to turn on and immediately go online without waiting for Windows to boot.

Samsung Netbook N220 Green
Samsung Netbook N220 Red
For the mean time, only two colors will be released this week.
The N150 sports an integrated hinge for smooth movement and a high quality feel and an 8-hour battery life. Like the above mentioned N220, N150 incorporate Intel's latest processor, the Intel® Atom™ N450, which is specifically designed to deliver an amazing Internet experience using netbooks. Based on an entirely new micro-architecture, the Intel® Atom™ processor increases energy efficiency to extend battery life, while delivering enhanced mobile performance and increased system responsiveness.

Samsung Netbook N150 White

Samsung Netbook

Netbooks are called "netbooks" because they were made for internet and not for gaming. If you want to play Ragnarok, buy a PC or laptop.

[List of prices: Laptops all over Metro Manila]

Samsung Netbook
        Jeff Cheng presents the N220 and N150 netbooks

Samsung Netbook
       Samsung's Ms. Bernice demonstrates the two new netbooks

Samsung Netbook

P-pop = Pinoy pop

Monday, March 15, 2010

If Koreans have K-Pop, Japanese have J-Pop, then Filipinos shall now have P-Pop!

Looks like these boys will take an attempt at reshaping our country's music. About time they did! We’ve had enough of those kakairita artistas trying hard to sing and dance.

Although the P-pop group has a baduy name: they’re called XLR8 and that I hate text language, I’m really excited about these guys and know if they're going to make it big. They can all dance, they can all sing plus they are all cute, except Carlos. Their official debut is on March 28, and from the looks of their Facebook Fan page and Youtube videos, lots of girls are getting giddy about it.

Here's the first song and music video entitled "Your So Hot". 
Crush ko silang lahat. Except for that Carlos guy. Sa inyo na sya.

Colorful outfits. Check!
Dancing with blazers on. Check!
Unusual number of group members. Check!
“Teaser” of upcoming music video. Check! [Here]
Crazy lights set. Check!
Camera panning in and out of their faces. Check!
Now all they need is a better choreographer. The dancing is good but that choreography sucks!